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About Bunny Hop

What is Bunny Hop?

Bunny Hop is a music and movement group devised especially for babies and young children. It involves the children in the songs and movement and encourages them to participate freely, with or without instruments provided.


Many areas of the child’s development are covered within the class. For example their auditory skills are enhanced by listening to the varied selection of music played, and use of the musical instruments and shakers, help develop their eye-hand co-ordination, concentration and sensory development. The colourful large rainbow, scarves, and ribbons with bells stimulate their visual development.

All the songs sung and repetition of them will help their language skills. We have a large ball which is pushed around the circle, from child to child, helping hand dexterity and concentration. There is a warm up time where all the children’s names are sung and little Bunny goes around and says hello individually, and a hello song where I move around and sing hello to them all. At the end of the session we wind down with the Bunny singing goodbye to them all and a goodbye song.

Term Outline

Children love repetition. They really enjoy music and songs they recognise!

We begin our session with action nursery rhymes and familiar movement songs. Throughout the term I introduce many new movement songs incorporated with the songs the children recognise. The instruments and all the other materials we use within the class are used in every, or every other session.

About Nicola Everard

Nicola Everard is a Montessori trained teacher. Having spent many years teaching in such schools in London and Clonmel, Nicola has experienced a wide range of music and movement classes with a variety of activities, which when all combined and processed produce Bunny Hop. Her goal is to make Bunny Hop available to as many parent groups, nursery schools, crèches, schools and parties as possible.

Current Classes

Cashel at Larkspur Park Tennis Club
Thurles at The Source Arts Centre
Cahir at The Cahir Day Care Centre (Catherine McCauley Room)